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No, Michigan voter registration data wasn’t “hacked”

Earlier today, I started seeing social media posts about voter data from multiple states being located on a so-called "dark web" website. The general picture being painted was that this data had been obtained through improper means and made available for sale. From there, the "story" picked up steam, and Russian and American news outlets… Continue reading No, Michigan voter registration data wasn’t “hacked”

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Practical Zoom meeting security tips

If you're anything like me, you have been using Zoom for meetings at-distance more in the last month than you probably have, well... ever! Due to its increasing popularity and relative ease of use, people are flocking to Zoom for daily use in all kinds of scenarios. Not coincidentally, we have also seen an increase… Continue reading Practical Zoom meeting security tips

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Universities, donors, and undue influence

Over the past few days, I have watched the unfolding story involving the University of Alabama system and Hugh Culverhouse, a prominent donor. Culverhouse pledged to donate approximately $26 million dollars to the UA law school, which the UA system renamed in his honor. Since that time, Culverhouse and the UA system have had a… Continue reading Universities, donors, and undue influence


Looking back on the City of Atlanta ransomware attack, a year later

One year ago today, word broke that the City of Atlanta had been hit by a ransomware attack.  I won't bore you with the details, you can find them out on the Internet in lots of different places. As it dawned on me today that we were at a milestone of sorts, I asked myself… Continue reading Looking back on the City of Atlanta ransomware attack, a year later