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“Learning Outcomes for Cyber Defense Competitions” journal publication

I’m very happy to announce that a journal article I co-authored with Dr. Amy Woszczynski entitled “Learning Outcomes for Cyber Defense Competitions” has recently been published in the Journal of Information Security Education. We interviewed judges and mentors for a well-established cyber defense competition held in the Southeast United States. From the data collected during these interviews,… Continue reading “Learning Outcomes for Cyber Defense Competitions” journal publication


Lit Reviews Are Not Fun

Let me talk to you a little bit about literature reviews. As a “budding scholar,” I’ve been told time and time again about the importance of understanding what literature exists on a given problem domain. And, intellectually I get that. But… From a practical point of view, the task of reading, assimilating, synthesizing, and analyzing… Continue reading Lit Reviews Are Not Fun


WiFi KRACK vulnerability goes public

Early this morning, Mathy Vanhoef (@vanhoefm on Twitter), a Belgium-based researcher released his findings about a vulnerability in the WPA2 protocol. WPA2 is a widely-used encryption standard utilized in consumer and business WiFi networks. Vanhoef dubbed the vulnerability KRACK, short for “Key Reinstallation Attacks”. Vanhoef published his findings on a website, The vulnerability allows an attacker… Continue reading WiFi KRACK vulnerability goes public